Save Money Operating Your Pool and More.

Enjoy Your Pool Virginia Beach

Running your pool costs money.  And the time of year when you run your pool pump the most (summertime), is also the time of year when the power company charges its highest rates.  While Great Neck Pools offers solutions for variable speed pool pumps to reduce costs, you can also reduce the electrical cost for both your pool and entire home without discomfort, inconvenience, lifestyle change or adverse impact on your home.  

Water heaters, air conditioners, heating systems, pool equipment and other major appliances can be controlled to reduce your demand charges and put more money back in your pocket.  Through use of the Energy Sentry, which monitors electrical demand and reduces or cycles non-essential loads (for a very short period of time), you can lower the electrical load of your home and receive much lower rates from Dominion Power resulting in a 20 to 40 percent annual savings for you on YOUR ENTIRE ELECTRIC BILL.  

If you are paying $150 a month for electricity (and almost every pool owner does), learn how you can reduce your bill without changing your lifestyle.  Simply contact us and we will set you up with our energy savings partner who has been in the business since 1992 with more than 10,000 satisfied clients in the Tidewater area.  

Enjoying your pool shouldn't break the bank.  Save today.  

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