When It's All About the Food… It Has to be Primo

In Italian, "Primo" means the best. And that name was chosen because a Primo Ceramic Grill offers the "best of the best" when it comes to outdoor cooking.  

The Ceramic Advantage

The shell and internal components of a Primo Ceramic Grill act like an insulator, holding in the heat and natural moisture of foods. It creates food that is incredibly juicy. Metal grills radiate a great amount of heat, and pull the moisture out away from food. Primo Grills also reduces the chance of a burn injury, because the exterior is at a much lower temperature than metal grills.

Organic Natural Flavor

The heat source for Primo grills is 100% natural lump charcoal. Primo's line of charcoal is made from whole stock hardwood to give food a natural wood fire flavor; just like cooking over a camp fire. This type of charcoal burns cleaner, hotter, and longer than gas or briquette charcoal. It can also be relit for multiple cookings.

Unmatched Cooking Versatility

Primo calls their grills a "grill", but they are much more than that. Actually, they are a multi-purpose outdoor cooker. Grill, bake, roast, or smoke any food. In reality, a Primo Grill is a grill, an oven, and a smoker all rolled into one "grill".

Primo's patented oval shape delivers simultaneous direct and indirect cooking. Grill thick sizzling steaks on the direct side, while roasting farm fresh asparagus on the indirect side. Round ceramic grills promise, but can't deliver the cooking performance of a Primo Oval.

Proudly Made in the USA

Primo is the only ceramic grill made in America. Period. They start with raw materials that are harvested in the United States to make the ceramics. The molding, drying, firing, hand assembly and packaging of the ceramic grills all take place at their manufacturing plant located in Tucker, Georgia.

Primo is extremely proud of the American ingenuity and quality craftsmanship that is put into each of their ceramic grills. It's no wonder that 4 out of 5 Americans prefer products made in the USA.*  But, surprisingly, other major ceramic grill companies purchase their grills from foreign companies rather than making the grills themselves.

Primo Ceramic Grills are truly American as apple pie, in fact you can bake one on any of their grills.

And Great Neck Pools is proud to exclusively offer these grills to our customers.  

* Consumer Reports magazine February 2013