Why Great Neck Pools supports "Made in the USA?"

Unemployment, underemployment, the economy, and our national deficit have become the constant topics of conversation for the last few decades.   We have become comfortable complaining about the latest employment dive, or criticizing the government’s  efforts to fix what ails this country but we sometimes overlook what we can do ourselves and that is "Buy American."  Through supporting hard working American manufacturers and their products we can not only help our country but at the same time ensure that we are buying top quality merchandise.  

Being a Veteran Owned and Operated Company, Great Neck Pools is committed to providing you high quality, American-made products that will last longer and provide you better value in the long term.  No matter what the product, we will always endeavor to find a US manufacturer while not sacrificing quality.  So join us in supporting  American jobs here at home and the US economy by buying American.  Because the more we allow industries to outsource and the more we buy foreign-made the less demand companies have to keep the American workforce healthy, happy, and busy. We need to hold ourselves accountable and make the change to buy American.