Great Neck Pool offers the full range of service options to meet your needs whether it is equipment replacement and repair or routine maintenance to keep your pool looking sharp.  To schedule a service call, follow the link above or call us at 757-963-0003.  

Service Plans & Special Services

Routine Cleaning & Upkeep

Water Test— For those who just want a little back-up when it comes to pool chemistry.  They have the routine cleaning down pat but don’t want the hassle of chemicals and keeping their pool balanced.  This service  includes weekly test and balancing of your water and cleaning of the skimmer baskets. 

Every Other Week Cleaning— This service is for those who have the time to routinely clean and balance their own pool but want a “week off” periodically from the labor.  Your pool will be cleaned and balanced every other week. 

Weekly Cleaning— This is for those who don’t want to be bothered with maintaining their pool.  Your pool will be cleaned and balanced weekly with fractional billing of labor for any maintenance calls instead of the normal one-hour minimum. 

Premium Service— Not only do you not want to be bothered with maintaining your pool, you don’t want to be bothered with paying a monthly bill.  You pay a flat rate to have your pool opened, cleaned and balanced weekly and closed for a discounted price.  Not only do you get fractional billing of labor for maintenance calls but each weekly service visit comes with 15 minutes of labor included for those little fixes that can pop-up throughout the season. 


Special Services

Pool Opening— We’ll get your pool ready for the season.  We’ll take the cover off, give it thorough cleaning, balance the chemicals and put you on track for great swimming season. 

Pool Closing—Close your pool properly with our closing.  We’ll clean and balance the pool, balance it for the winter, treat your water for phosphates and metals, clean your filter , drain your system of water and cover it. 

Single Cleaning—Need to get your pool ready for that big event?  Or do you just want to take a week or two off from cleaning your own pool. We’ll be happy to come by to clean and balance your pool just like you were one of our regular service customers. 

Pool Sit—Going out  of town?  Want someone to stop by  periodically and just make sure everything is going alright with your pool.   Whether you just want the skimmer baskets empties or a full cleaning, we can develop a plan that works for you.