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Which Safety Cover is Right for Me?

Quite often, pool owners have questions on which safety cover is right for them.  And while all of the GLI covers that Great Neck Pools offers provide outstanding safety and protection, each present different qualities that should be considered in determining which one is the right one for you.


Mesh covers are typically the least expensive and the most “owner friendly” given they require little maintenance after it has been put on the pool.  While it should be kept free of yard debris, it’s mesh design allows rainwater to go straight through the cover into the pool thus mitigating the need for a cover pump.  Though, depending on how much rain over the winter, you may have to pump the pool down once or twice through the off-season if the level gets too high. 

However, just as rain goes through the cover, so does sunlight.  And once the water temperatures rise to the mid 50s or above, there is the potential for algae growth especially if you wait until late in the season to open your pool at which time you may find “swampy” conditions.  The “secret” to this cover is to have your system up and running, chlorinating and balancing your water no later than mid April in the Tidewater area, and to keep your system up and running until about November.  And you can even do this with the cover still on. 


Providing the "best of both worlds", ProMesh covers are lightweight and easy to handle like any other mesh cover but they are made from a unique weave of polypropylene mesh that blocks out 99% of the algae producing UV rays, giving you virtually the same level of algae prevention of a traditional solid cover.  Truly the best value.  


This cover is completely solid preventing any sunlight from entering your pool while covered.   You have the luxury of opening and closing whenever you want to without the fear of algae growth.  It requires the use of a cover pump to keep it free from standing water, which would cause it to sag and it must be kept free of yard debris.  Of all the options, it is more expensive and the cover is heavier.   


This cover is completely solid with the exception of 2-3 mesh panels sewn into the middle of the cover for rainwater drainage.  This cover sort of gives you the best of both worlds:  solid to keep out the sun, but mesh panels to allow the water to drain through.  The mesh panels must be kept clear of debris so as to allow the water to drain efficiently and you may have to drain the pool once or twice throughout the off-season. Keep in mind that the mesh panels will allow some sunlight through allowing some algae growth in the warmer months, but not to the degree of the mesh cover.  

GLI Safety Cover Choice