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Your swimming pool is a big investment.  And installing a new liner is part of that investment.  It's not something that you should trust to just anyone.  Great Neck Pools has been installing swimming pool liners for over 15 years throughout the Virginia Beach area in all manner of pool sizes and shapes.  But there is more than just experience to consider.  Here are some other reasons why you should trust Great Neck Pools with your liner change:

  • We Start with the Best Liners.  Great Neck Pool exclusively offers GLI Liners which means you get quality material, expert construction and attention to detail.
  • We Do Our Own Work.  Unlike the national franchises or big box pool stores, we don't sub out our liner installations to the lowest bidder.  Our employees do all of the work on your pool and do it with pride.  
  • Value for Your Money.  We aren't going to be as cheap as the the guy working out of the back of his pickup truck but we aren't going to attempt to drive up the price on you simply because you live in a nice home.  We use a standardized pricing algorithm to accurately price each job to adequately cover our costs and pay our craftsmen a good wage to do quality work for you.  
  • Up-Front Expectations.  The other guys won't always tell you about the potential problems that can arise or be discovered when removing the old liner such as ground water intrusion or bottom damage.  We make sure to brief you on these possibilities beforehand so to minimize unexpected costs after your liner is removed.  
  • Expert Measurement.  We take the extra time to custom measure your pool for a custom fitted liner.  We never order "off-the-shelf" liners based upon stock measurements like some of the large chains.  Your pool is unique.  We treat it that way.  
  • Attention to Detail.  For us, each liner job reflects our commitment to quality.  We take pride in our work and want the finished product to reflect upon us as professionals and craftsmen.  Our liner installations include many details that you simply won't find with the other guys.  
  • Standardized Procedures and Constant Improvement.  Each and every liner installation is an opportunity to learn and improve.  Following each installation, we analyze the details of work completed to identify areas where we can improve our process.  These lessons learned are then incorporated back into our standard procedures to deliver you a better product at a more affordable rate.  

Let Great Neck Pools get you started on a new look for your pool today.  Simply fill out the form below to request a free, no obligation quote for the best liner installation that you can find anywhere.  

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