Online Buying - A Cautionary Tale about Warranties.

We often are confronted with customers who find what they believe are great deals online through standard channels for various pool products.  Indeed, you can often find things for cheap prices online but it mostly comes with a catch. 

The warranty on many pool products is null and void if bought online or the warranty is drastically reduced and we have sadly seen this scenario play out many times in the last year with some very large purchases.  For example, we had one customer who opted to purchase a heater online to save money only to have it fail within the first year.  Not only was it not covered under warranty (which it would have been had it been purchased through Great Neck Pools) but the repairs ended up costing over three times the amount that was saved in buying online.  

Don't take that risk.  Buy from an authorized dealer to ensure you are protected by a warranty and in many instances, you can actually get an extended warranty at no additional cost by doing so.