My Pool Smells Like Too Much Chlorine

A client comments "I don't need to add chlorine to my pool, because I can already smell the chlorine."

That's actually a common misconception.  A properly balanced and disinfected pool will have no strong smell of chemicals.  In fact, the odor that many people associate with chlorine is actually comes from chloramines which are the byproducts of the chlorine's reaction to contaminants in the pool.  This includes such things as perspiration, body oils, cosmetics and even urine.  (And no, there is no magic chemical that turns blue when urine is introduced to the pool.)  So actually, the smell of chloramines is actually a good indication that the chlorine in the pool is not high enough to meet the contaminant load.  Further, the red and itchy eyes that sometimes affects swimmers is also caused by those same chloramines.  

So bottom line, keeping the pool properly chlorinated will remove any unwanted odors, be easier on your eyes and safe for you to swim in.  And we can help with that here at Great Neck Pools but either having our professional staff come out and clean and balance your pool on a regular basis or with our free in-store testing.  All you have to do is ask.