Variable Speed Pumps


Lots of buzz now from our customers concerning Variable Speed Pumps.  What are they and do you recommend them?

In short, yes we do recommend variable speed pumps.  While certainly more costly up front, they allow you to run your pump at lower speed for most of the time thus saving you greatly on your power bill.  In fact, a typical pool owner will save $300-$500 per year in electricity costs simply by switching to a variable speed pump.  Why is this?    Thanks to a little thing known as the "Pump Affinity Law", energy savings are disproportionately larger as you lower the speed of your pump.  For example, a 50% reduction in your pump RPM gives you a 75% reduction in operating costs.  And a 66% reduction in RPM will give you a savings of 89%. You can actually run a variable speed pump on low power for 24 hours cheaper than having a single speed pump run for 12 hours a day.  

Additionally, given the cost of the variable speed pump, the quality of the motor is much better than a normal single speed with encased motors that protect the motor windings from exposure to the elements.  In fact, our Jandy variable speed pumps come with a three year warranty which is the longest in the industry.  So, with energy savings alone you can recoup the higher upfront costs of the variable speed pump before the warranty even expires.  That's a great deal.  

So if  you open your pool this year and and your pump has died, think about an upgrade that will actually end up putting money back in your pocket.