Customer Service

Weathering the Storm

So with a large storm approaching, what should be done to prep your pool and backyard?  Here are a few pro-tips.

1.  Prepare for the water level to go up.  For a large storm, your pool might rapidly fill to the extent that you need to empty it.  Typically, this can wait until after the storm passes.  But, you may want to flake out your waste line now and be ready for it.  You can also go a bit preemptive and pump it down a few inches in anticipation of the rainfall.  

2.  Stow loose items in your backyard.  Wind often accompanies rain.  And with that is the potential for loose items to become projectiles or even fly into you pool where they can cause damage to a vinyl liner.  

3.  Shock.  Storms don't just bring water.  They can also bring algae that it picks up along the way and that typically is mustard algae.  Nip it in the bud with a higher chlorine level.  

4. Most important is safety.  If something happens to your pool during that storm,  make sure you measure you own safety before attempting to fix something while the rains and winds are still prevalent.  Material things can be replaced and nothing out there is worth an injury sustained through slipping and falling on a hard pool deck.

5.  We are here to help.  And if you have any questions, just call us.  :)

Looking Out For the Customer

Had a customer come into the store the other day that we hadn't seen in awhile.  Turns out that he took the opportunity to explore service from a competing firm (one of the national franchises in our area) and had returned to us for both our experience and trust that we have his best interest at heart.  

Confronted with a bad motor on his pump, the competitor had attempted to sell him an entire new pump but also one that was grossly oversized for his pool.  Yes, in America we often think "bigger is better" but practically no one needs a pump greater than 1 hp on their pool, much less a 2.5 hp pump.  For what the competitor wanted to charge for the new single speed 2.5hp pump, GNP could have installed a brand new variable speed pump that would have saved the customer on their power bill.  

At GNP, we don't attempt to impress with shiny new vehicles or fancy shirts and jingles.  We simply provide you the best advice we can because you are our neighbor.  And, we have over 70 years of collective pool experience to ensure you get the best advice possible.