Pool Maintenance - Keeping Water Balanced

great neck pools pool maintenance

Encountered a customer who did not choose to balance their pool water but instead opted to only monitor and add chlorine as needed.  

Water balance is extremely important as it provides the proper conditions for your chlorine to work most effectively and  provides an environment that is NOT conducive cloudiness or algae growth.  For instance, a low pH can cause your sanitizer (chlorine) to deplete quick not only making it less effective but costing you money in using more.  Further, it can make swimming not as enjoyable by irritating you and your loved ones while they swim.  No one wants to swim in an acid bath.

And that goes for your liner and equipment as well.  Having a low pH in your pool will start to corrode your liner, ladders, handrails, PV, pump fitting, etc.  Basically, everything.  In fact, most equipment manufacturer's warranties do not cover damage due to low pH. Alternatively, a high pH can cause scaling which will leave a film around your pipe, heater elements and your liner.  While this is simply unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view for the liner, it can damage your heater.  

Bottom line, you need to keep your pool balanced for the sake of your equipment and the well being of your family when they swim.  Good news is that we can help.  Great Neck Pools always provides free water testing and we will gladly talk you through what you need to add to keep your pool looking great and safe to swim in.  Or, we can even come out and balance it for you with weekly service plans starting at $70 per week with chemicals included.

We stand ready to help you enjoy your pool.